Weddings in Rocky Mountain National Park

Many wedding requests for Estes Park are for an outdoor wedding and, hopefully, in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP”).  There are many scenic spots in the Park and in the Estes Park area for beautiful photographs.

Our Company is authorized by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior, to conduct services in RMNP –Wedding Ceremonies and Photography.

We will make the reservation with the Park, cover their fee in our $ 1,800 package price, provide information on Park regulations, conduct the Ceremony, and provide Nikon photography and Rolls-Royce photo tour.

We will pick up the Bride and Groom at their lodging place, or the Pavilion in Estes Park,  and chauffeur them in our 1939 silver Rolls-Royce convertible, with the Wedding Party and Guests following, to scenic spots in RMNP for the Ceremony. It is a relatively rare opportunity to have a wedding Ceremony in a National Park.

We perform Ceremonies at 7 different designated sites in the Park, depending upon the number of people and availability :

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Trail Ridge Road-3M Curve

1.TRAIL RIDGE RD.–3 M CURVE–Great view for elopements and photos/ no seating/ maximum 15 people/ maximum cars 2 (plus Rolls-Royce)/ can shuttle some guests.

Trail Ridge Road-3M Curve2

Lily Lake Dock

2. LILY LAKE DOCK– Great view for Elopements and photo/  no seating/ restrooms / maximum people 10 / max. cars 9 (plus Rolls-Royce)


Lily Lake

3. LILY LAKE TRAIL–Max. 20 people. North side of Lake. Great view over Lake. A few hikers on trail.





Upper Beaver Meadows

6. UPPER BEAVER MEADOWS–Lots of space, nice view of Continental Divide/ vast meadow/ Ceremony site can be in various locations/  restrooms /   no seating (but Ceremony only takes about 20 minutes)/ maximum people 60/  maximum cars 9 ( can shuttle some)

7. ALLUVIAL FAN BRIDGE  (No photo) / wooden bridge with waterfall,  walk about 1 block, no seating/  restrooms/  maximum people 20/ maximum cars 4 (plus Rolls-Royce)/ busy area with tourists.

Parking in RMNP is limited because of 3-4 million tourists annually. The limitation at some spots is from 3rd week of June thru Labor Day ( spots 2, 3 and 4). Shuttling is encouraged but timing may not allow more than one trip. Driving time from the Pavilion is approx. 6 miles/ 20 minutes. RMNP provides a 2 hour window for the Ceremony but the actual Ceremony time is only 20/30 minutes. The Minister and Rolls-Royce provide a 3 hour window, allowing time for the drive to the Park and getting guests settled. Seating is limited to 2 sites, but if they are booked and seating is required, the Ceremony can be held at the Pavilion, followed by the Rolls-Royce photo tour into RMNP.


Following are some additional scenic spots in RMNP as seen in the photo tour in the Rolls-Royce.

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SPRAGUE LAKE4973 _DSC1801 _DSC0149rmnp 7-17-13 Upper Beaver Meadowsmoraine  rmnp-7491 untitled-5  3 M Curveuntitled-7